138. George TRAVIS was born about 1710 in White Plains, NY. He was married to Jannetje DUTCHER in 1734.

139. Jannetje DUTCHER was born about 1719. She was christened on 21 Apr 1719 in Tarrytown, NY. Children were:

child i. Magdalena TRAVIS was christened on 4 Nov 1735 in Tarrytown.
child ii. Isaac TRAVIS was christened on 20 Apr 1737.
child iii. Jacob TRAVIS was christened on 3 Jun 1740.
child iv. Abraham TRAVIS was christened on 10 Aug 1742. He died in 1760.
child v. Uriah TRAVIS was born about 1746 in Westchester County. He died on 2 Dec 1842 in New York, NY.
child vi. Susannah TRAVIS was born about 1748 in Grrenburgh, Westchester County.
child vii. Nancy TRAVIS was born on 18 Aug 1757 in Yorktown, Westchester. She died on 24 Oct 1841. She was buried in Baptist Church Cemetery, Yorktown.
child69 viii. Sarah TRAVIS.

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