4162. Francis GODFREY was born in 1600 in (Of Duxbury, Plymouth, MA), England. He died before 30 Jul 1669 in Bridgewater, MA. He was baptized into the LDS church on 18 Dec 1937. He was endowed on 22 Sep 1939. Francis Godfrey, born in England in 1600 , and was at Plymouth in
1637. A carpenter, he settled in Duxbury with his wife Elizabeth in
1638. He was granted land there in 1639, and Mr. Alden and Edward
Winslow were appointed to "lay fourth the land." Francis built the
first church edifice in Duxbury, and was included on a list of men
able to bear arms in 1643. He served under Captain Miles Standish.
He is named as a "freeman," which meant he had taken an oath of
loyalty and was eligible to vote. In 1644 he sold land to Roger
Chandler. His daughter Elizabeth married John Cary in 1644. In 1648
he bought land from Constant and Thomas Southworth, stepsons of
Governor William Bradford. In 1651 he sold 100 acres. Moved to
Bridgewater in 1657, and made his will on 29 Oct 1666, naming his wife
Elizabeth, daughter Elizabeth Carye, son-in-law John Carye,
grandchildren John and Elizabeth Carye, servants John Pitcher and
Richard Jennings, a minor. Francis died in 1669, and his will was
proved 30 Jul 1669.

--Godfrey book

Had a servant named John Pitcher, bore arms, died in 1669, "an old
Was worth 117 pound, 17 shillings and five pence.

--The Cary Family in America

He was married to Elizabeth in England?.

4163. Elizabeth was born in 1603 in Duxbury, Plymouth, Mass. She was baptized into the LDS church on 18 Dec 1937. She was endowed on 13 Jan 1938. She has reference number 3DZW-W9. Children were:

child2081 i. Elizabeth GODFREY.

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