2202. Hendrick Martense WILTSEE [van Copenhagen] was born in Apr 1623 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He emigrated before 1660 from from Holland?. He died between 1708 and 1712 in Newtown, NY. >From SINY [Lorine Schulze]: Hendrick in New Netherland pre 1660. 21
Aug. 1659 deeded property at Esopus to Lukas DIRCKSEN shortly after
1660 he sued Herman van Borssum for damage to a canoe which Borssym
sailed into with his boat. At the hearing Borssum denied any damage
done and at a second hearing Hendrick's wife appeared against Borssum
saying she heard Borssum say he would let the canoe be repaired.
Borssum admitted this was true and the court ordered him to pay for
repairs. End of 1660 at Esopus where his dau. Sophia bpt. 11 Dec.
1660. 2 May 1661: drew lot #2 at Esopus. He was a soldier in the
garrison at Esopus and in the summer of 1663 was in the Esopus War. He
was captured by Indians, and reported killed, but he "soon gained his
liberty". 28 apr. 1667: signed with other burghers at Wiltwyck a
document stating they had been in arms in The Brodhead Mutiny when
Cptn Brodhead threatened to burn the twon. 1673: petititoned the court
at New Amsterdam for judgement in an unknown matter. Court referred
him to the Court at Staten Island. He had 6 sons. Hendrick is
supposed to have "married" an Indian Chief's dau....[why are they
always princesses?] but no proof has ever been found. Supposedly he m.
the Indian woman 20 Nov. 1658 then Margaret MEYRINCK then on 26 June
1705 Steentje ARIANSE. I'm not poking fun at the Indian marriage - I
descend from Ots-Toch, a half Mohawk half French woman who md.
Cornelise Antonissen VAN SLYKE in 1640, so it happened a lot! And
Hendrick was 37 when he md. Margaret so chances are he did indeed have
a native wife. But a princess? My Ots-Toch's mom was supposedly a
Princess too..... He was married to Margaret MEYRINGH on 10 Jan 1660 in New Amsterdam?.

2203. Margaret MEYRINGH was born between 1633 and 1636 in Recife/Pernambuco, Brazil [Dutch Colony]. She died about 26 Jun 1701 in Flatbush or Newtown, NY. Children were:

child1101 i. Sophia WILTSEE.

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