2168. Leendert Philipse CONYN was born about 1620 in probably Ghent, Holland. He emigrated before 1645 from to New Amsterdam. He died in 1704.

2169. Agnietje Casperse STYNMETS. Children were:

child i. Elizabeth CONYN.
child ii. Agnietje CONYN.
child iii. Commertje CONYN.
child iv. Jacob Lendeertse CONYN.
child v. Phillip Leendertse CONYN.
child vi. Rebecca Leendertse CONYN was born about 1646.
child1084 vii. Casparus Leendertse CONYN.
child viii. Maria Leendertse CONYN was born about 1663. She died in 1743.

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