4368. Ralph TOMKINS was born in 1585 in Buckinghamshire, England. He emigrated on 19 Sep 1635 from On the ship "Truelove.". He died in Bridgewater, MA. Founder of New England branch of Tompkins family and pioneer of
CT. He was married to Katherine CARDWELL on 6 Nov 1608. She, a widow.

4369. Katherine CARDWELL was born in 1577. Children were:

child i. Elizabeth TOMKINS.
child ii. Ralph TOMKINS.
child2184 iii. John TOMPKINS I.
child iv. Nathaniel TOMKINS was born about 1612. Appeared at Providence, RI 1650 with "a young son." Had been a
at Boston and other New England localities.
child v. Samuel TOMKINS was born in 1613. He died in 1676. Lived at Duxbury, MA and Milford, CT and later at Bridgewater, MA.
child vi. Micah TOMKINS was born about 1615. He died before 4 Dec 1690 in Newark, NJ.
child vii. Marie, or Mary TOMKINS was born in 1621. She died in 1656.

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