4302. Unknown TELLER. Children were:

child2151 i. Maria TELLER.
child ii. Willem TELLER. Willem Teller was one of the first eight proprietors in Schenectady,
New York. he engaged in the fur trade during the 1640s and 50s, along
with Arent vanCurler, Pieter Adriaensen van Woggelum, Gerrit Bancker,
Sander Leendertsen Glen, Symon Volkertsen Veeder, Teunis
CornelissenSwart and PhilipHendricksen Brouwer. Willem Teller and
Sander Leendertsen Glen arrived in New Netherland during the 1630s as
servants of the Dutch West India Company. Glen married the sister of
Margaret Donchessen, Willem's first wife. The two men bought property
together at New Amstel on the Delaware. Willem never took up permanent
residence in Schenectady although he owned land there. Willem resided
mainly in Albany as a trader and was appointed a justice of the peace
in 1684. In 1692 he removed to New York and was engaged in the
dry-goods trade. He obtained a farm in Gravesend, Long Island which he
leased on 26 August 1653 to Thomas MORRELL for four years. On 7 May
1659 he bought plantation lot No. 27 in Gravesend from Peter SYMSON
for the use of his son Andrew TELLER. His will is dated 19 March 1669
and probated 1701.

Genealogies of The First Settlers of Albany - Jonathan Pearson and
Register...of the Early Settlers of Kings County, Long Island, NY from
its First Settlement by Europeans to 1700...._by Teunis G. Bergen. p

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