32. Anthony WOLF (33)(34) (35) was born on 10 Sep 1818 in Bethlehem, NY?. He was christened on 20 Dec 1818 in Dutch Reformed Church, Coeymans, NY. (36) He died on 20 Sep 1875 in Albany, NY. (34) He was buried on 23 Sep 1875 in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY. A steamboat pilot, as were his sons and his grandson. Owned a pew at
the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Coeymans, NY on May 24, 1850.
Worked as a deckhand on sloops such as the _______. Made the
transition to steamboats, working his way up through the ranks. Spent
the last six years of his life as pilot of the Eagle on the
Newburgh-Albany run. "Capt. [Anthony] Wolfe, who has followed the
river for many years and who knows every crook and turn from Albany to
New York, is at the wheel. Robert Cook, formerly a resident of our
village, is the engineer, and he is perfectly competent in the
position." Owned several pieces of property in and around Coeymans. He was married to Henrietta SELKIRK on 19 Sep 1838 in Reformed Church, Bethlehem, NY.(37)

33. Henrietta SELKIRK(33) was born on 17 Oct 1819 in Selkirk, NY. She was buried in Nov 1867 in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY. She died on 13 Nov 1867 in Coeymans, NY. Henrietta is erroneously referred to as the daughter of Daniel Winne
Margaret Winne in "Mull Family" by Harris and Mull, 1978. This is
probably because she is mentioned in the will of Jacobus Mull, but no
distinction is made between her and her aunts and uncles--she is not
called "my granddaughter Henrietta," so it's easy to see how the
was made. I worked the genealogy from the other direction, and am
confident of my correction. --Michael James Wolfe Children were:

child i. Mary Jane WOLF was born on 6 Jul 1839 in Coeymans, NY. She died on 12 Nov 1888 in Brooklyn, NY. "Intelligence reached this place of the death at her residence in
Brooklyn, Monday evening, of Mrs. George P. Slater, daughter of the
Anthony Wolfe. Mrs. Slater has been under treatment for cancer for
time. Funeral from her late residence this evening, and interment at
Grove Cemetery at 2:30 Thursday afternoon." --Coeymans News-Herald,
11/14/1888 She was buried on 15 Nov 1888 in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY.
child ii. Andrew Jackson WOLFE(34) was born on 28 Sep 1841 in Coeymans, NY.(38) He died on 28 Jun 1901.(39) Died of stomach cancer and was mourned mightily in his hometown. He was buried in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY.(40) "Mr. Wolfe was born in this village Sept. 28, 1841 and was the son of
Anthony and Henrietta Selkirk Wolfe. He enjoyed the limited education
the public school of his day and took up boating as his life work,
starting as a deck hand on the steamer Anna under the late Capt. David
Hitchcock, which position he held for four years. Finally he worked
way up until he became a pilot, serving first in that capacity on the
steamer George Page of the Oswego Transportation Co. towing between
and New York. In 1864 he branched out in business for himself and
purchased the tugboat Mary A. Green, which he operated in harbor
and continued to own for four years. In 1868 he had built the
Susie, which he still owns and is now being rebuilt at the Marvel
Shipyard, Newburgh. Her name has been changed to Annie, in honor of
wife. Mr. Wolfe has been busily engaged most of his life on the
River being the owner and captain of steamers until 1885, when he
from active service."
child16 iii. William Winne WOLFE I.
child iv. Franklin N. WOLFE was born in 1846 in Coeymans, NY. He died in 1924. He was buried in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY. Occupation: Engineer. Worked in U.S. Treasury Department.
child v. James Selkirk WOLFE was born on 30 Sep 1851. He was buried in Oct 1859 in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY. He died on 17 Oct 1859.
child vi. Helen B. WOLFE was born in 1853 in Coeymans, NY.
child vii. Warren (Harrel?) WOLFE was born in 1859 in Coeymans, NY. He died in 1905. He was buried in Grove Cemetery, Coeymans, NY. Occupation: Engineer.

Inherited Schodack Island from Andrew J. Wolfe.

Owned a bicycle shop in Coeymans. Owned a tandem bike--the "Coeymans
Special". When he and Sarah got married, he closed up the shop and off
they went on the tandem bike.

Merged General Note: Engineer.

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