8652. Antonis AKA Teunis VAN SLICHT was born about 1580 in Netherlands. !BIRTH: estimate of date of birth based on birth of son Cornelis

8653. UNKNOWN. Children were:

child i. Cornelis Antonissen VAN SLYKE was born in 1604 in Breuckelen, Utrecht, Netherlands. He died in 1676 in Canajoharie, NY. !BIRTH: Birth year based on age given at signing of contract in 1634

!MARRIAGE: The marriage date of 1635 to 1640 is based on the birth of

!AKA: Cornelis was known as Cornelis Antonissen; Cornelis Teunissen;
van Breuckelen; Broer (Brother) Cornelis; Brodeur; and Cornelis
Antonissen Van
child4326 ii. Pieterse Teunis VAN SLYCK.

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