2148. Pieter WINNE was born in 1609 in Flanders. He was born about 1609 in Ghent, Flanders. He was christened on 14 Apr 1609 in St. Bavon's Cath, Flanders. He was baptized on 14 Apr 1609 in St. Bavon's Cathedral, Ghent, Flanders. He died in 1690. He died before 1693. Pieter Winne was the original immigrant to America. He was also known
as Pieter de Vlamingh (the Fleming) (Van Rensselaer Bowier
Manuscripts, [VRBM] page 845). He arrived at Fort Orange in 1652,
when he began paying rent of f275 and tithes for use of a farm near
Bethlehem. Included with the farm were three mares, one yearling
mare, one stallion, one gelding, four cows, and one young bull. On
April 10, 1655, the farm was taken over by Eldert Cruyf (or Gerbertsz)
(VRBM, p. 772-3). In 1652, he was reimbursed by the Dutch Reformed
Church 5 for a cot he made for a sick person (Dutch Settlers Society
of Albany [DSCA] 7:11). On May 11, 1655 he requested lot #5, toward
the hill (Court Minutes of Albany, Rensselaerwyck, and Schenectady,
1668-1675). From October 17, 1672 to October 7, 1684, he served as
magistrate (Court minutes 1:316 and 3:483). He purchased a saw mill
on the Bethlehem Kil from Stephan Van Cortlandt in 1673 (Early Records
of the City and County of Albany and the Colony of Rensselaerwyck
1:171). In July 1675, he bought of Volkert Janse Douw one half of
Constapel's Island. The island lied over against de Paerde hoeck
(Horse Point). The other half of the island was owned by Teunis
Spitsbergen and leased by Marten Cornelissen Van Buren, who was the
father of Pieter's1 son Lavinius2' wife. It included half a house,
barn, and rick. The island was to be paid for in three installments,
ending in 1677. The down payment was six beaver skins, and the three
installments were 21 beaver skins each. (Munsell, "Collections on the
History of Albany from Its Discovery to the Present Time With Notices
. . . . And Biographical Sketches of the Citizans" in vol. 3, p.
118-9). Also in 1677, he bought of Nicholas Van Rensselaer a saw mill
in Bethlehem, which formerly had been the property of Eldert Gerbertse
Cruyff. He must have been quite involved in the church, as on
September 28, 1676 he served on an "extraordinary court" convened by
the governor and council of New York to resolve a dispute between Rev.
Nicolaas Van Rensselaer and Dominie Gideon Schaets concerning some
allegedly heretical declarations concerning doctrines made by Van
Rensselaer in a sermon he preached on August 13, 1676. The decision of
the court was "that Parties, shall both forgive and forget as it
become Preachers of the Reformed Religion to do; also that all
previous variances, church differences & provocations shall be
consumed in the fire of Love; a perpetual silence and forbearance
being imposed on each respectively; to live together as Brothers for
an example to the worthy Congregation, for edification to the Reformed
Religion, and further for the removal and banishment of all scandals."
(A.J.Weise, History of the City of Albany, New York, p. 164-6). On
June 21, 1681, Harmon Jansen Lyndyarer gave him a deed to a house and
lot in Albany (Records, 2:127). On June 27 of that year, he sold half
his interest in the saw mill (Records, 2:519). His final will was
dated December 31, 1688 (VRBM, p. 145-6). On July 6, 1684 he made a
will in which he stated that he was born in Gent in d Landeren. This
will replaced one he had made on June 1, 1677. He died sometime after
May 4, 1690, when he witnessed the baptism of his son Frans' son, and
before May 7, 1693, when his second wife Tanneke Adams married Martes
Cornelisz. He was married to Tannake ADAMS in Fort Orange, NY.

2149. Tannake ADAMS died before 1697. She was born in Leeuwaerden, Vreesland. She was born in Leeuwaerden, Vriesland. !DEATH: Marten Van Buren, her second husband,whom she married in 1693,
was a
widower by the 1697 census. Children were:

child1074 i. Adam WINNE.

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