2200. Harck [Siboutsen] CRANKHEIT (75) died between 1681 and 1684 in Poor Bowery, Long Island City, NY. He was born in Languedoc, France?. "Harck Siboutsen, who was a ship carpenter and a native of Languedoc
in the south of France, married at New Amsterdam in 1642, Wyntie
Teunis from Naerden. He owned property near the Heeren Gracht,
adjoining Abm. Riker. In or about 1650 he removed to Poor Bowery (on
the south shore of Bowery Bay in Long Island City) where he died
between 1681 and 1684. His widow survived him many years...[their
sons] settled in the Manor of Cortlandt, Westchester Co., assumed the
name of Krankheyt (now written Kronkhite or Cronkhite) and have many
descendants there." --Howard Banker quoting James Riker. He was married to Wyntje TEUNIS in 1642 in New Amsterdam.

2201. Wyntje TEUNIS was born in Naerden, Holland?. Children were:

child i. Sybout Hercksen CRANKHEIT was born about 1644. He was baptized on 4 Dec 1644 in New Amsterdam R.C., New Amsterdam.
child ii. Maryken Hercksen CRANKHEIT was born about 1647. She was baptized on 10 Nov 1647 in New Amsterdam R.C., New Amsterdam.
child1100 iii. Teunis Herricksen CRANKHEIT.
child iv. Jacobus CRANKHEIT was born in 1659. He was baptized on 1 Sep 1659. He died on 18 Feb 1729.
child v. Johannes CRANKHEIT.

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