272. Joseph APPLEBEE II was born about 1705 in Hastings, NY?.

273. Mary [Mercy] TOMPKINS was born in Fairfield, CT?. Children were:

child i. Althea APPLEBEE. "Removed to Fon du Lac, WI." --Westchester Patriarchs, Norman Davis.
child ii. John APPLEBEE.
child iii. Elnathan APPLEBEE was born about 1730 in Westchester County, New York.
child136 iv. Joseph APPLEBEE III.
child v. Nathaniel APPLEBEE was born about 1734 in Westerlo, Albany, New York. He died in 1760. His will was made 1 May 1759 and made John Tompkins executor.
child vi. Stephen APPLEBEE was born between 1735 and 1745.
child vii. Nathan APPLEBEE was born about 1736.
child viii. Nehemiah APPLEBEE was born about 1738.
child ix. Thomas APPLEBEE was born about 1743 in Westchester County, New York.

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