Vincent Elliot Winfield WOLFE

was born on 2 Feb 1908 in 208 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY [S1]. Christened on 12 Apr 1920 in Church of St. Peter, Poughkeepsie, NY [S2]. Died on 16 Dec 1966 in St. Vincent's Hospital, New York, NY. Buried in Dec 1966 in Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Tarrytown, NY [S3]. Section 44, Plot 348, Grave 11, Gate of Heaven Cemetery, Tarrytown, NY. Occupation: Clerk, Truck Driver. Born and raised first 8 years in upstate NY where father, Charles, was Captain of ferry out of Coeymans across Hudson River. When still very young contracted strep throat (which probably was the cause of the rheumatic heart medicine for this was not known at the time). He had no childhood remembrances, perhaps he was sickly (don't know for sure). Went to St. Joseph's elementary school in NYC. He was a quiet boy according to his friends one of them, but not a fighter didn't get into the mischievous things they did but was one of them. Athletically inclined, probably played baseball early. Went to Xavier High School. Said he didn't want to go to college although he mentioned an uncle was willing to put him through never heard who the uncle was (on father's or mother's side) or of any aunts, cousins, etc., living or dead. One half brother, his mother's (Shields) first marriage. Started working in an office but left in about a year because he couldn't see any future. Since he married Charlotte Driezler when he was 18 years old perhaps that and the advent of children caused him to move on. He went to Railway Express as a driver. He was a driver of all types of trucks, but not long haul as far as I can recall. He was made instructor for new drivers, particularly the 40 footers. During this time he played semi pro baseball. Don't know what position he played. He was left handed but wrote right handed, probably because schools in those days made it necessary. Charlotte died September 26, 1957 after a bout of rheumatic heart illness. Then in January 1958, when he made his usual volunteer to give blood (he was a 2 gallon donor) the doctor told him not to donate and to see his own doctor because there seemed to be a hear irregularity. At that time he was told to give up driving a truck and was transferred to the office as a dispatcher. About September 1964 he under went a closed heart operation at St. Clare's Hospital in Manhattan (53rd Street and 10th Avenue). This was called a "finger fracture" . The doctor tried to get the clogged valve to work by manipulating the heart but it didn't work. After a couple of trips to Westchester Square Hospital for a hernia operation and an emergency trip for fibrillation, he was transferred to Miserecordia Hospital (236th Street east of Bronx Parkway) via police ambulance (thanks to Buddy). He was put in the ICU where they defibrillated him on Holy Thursday 1966. In the fall the condition became worse and the hospital performed a heart catheterization. It was then that open heart surgery was recommended. He was a very gentle, affectionate and loving person. Very meticulous, everything just so socks and ties had to be arranged by color since he was color blind (but not completely). He loved the country house particularly since he never owned any property before and loved puttering about hanging things, fixing doors, building shelves, painting the whole house inside and out. He loved to look out the back corner of the porch where if you stood just so, you couldn't see any other house. I think that last summer when he put up the windows on the extended porch he strained his heart too much. He was sick that fall and never did recover. but it was important for him to do the job when he was on vacation and before Fall and Winter to get the extension closed up. Vince (as most people called him) joined the Knight of Columbus (Wethered J Boyd Council 326) in the early 1950's (I'm not sure of the exact year). He was active on many committees and was elected to the 326 Corp (the owners of the Council building and the group responsible for its upkeep). He also joined the 4th Degree and became the Faithful Navigator of the Archbishop Hughes Fourth Degree (in our district). The Alhambra is an unofficial offshoot of the K of C, organized for special charities and good times. He was elected Grand Commander of the Giralda Caravan (Bronx) then appointed District Commander. We had many good times with friends in neighboring Caravans in NY & NJ. There were many close friends among the members.

- Margaret Fischer Wolfe