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Proposal for Coach Certification


Possible Coach Exam

  1. List three locations where polocrosse may be taught. Include one benefit and one drawback to each location.
  2. List five skills that are needed by the horse and rider in order to play polocrosse. For each of the skills that you list, include an example of how the same skill is used in another riding activity or sport.
  3. Describe at least three points about the design of a polocrosse racquet.
  4. List at least five ways that a player might gain possession of the ball.
  5. Compare and contrast two different methods of bouncing the ball and including when each is appropriate.
  6. Describe how to ride off another player.
  7. List five drills for each of the following categories:
  8. List five exercises that help train a horse for polocrosse and the purpose for each exercise.
  9. Describe how to throw a polocrosse ball.
  10. List five things that a player might do when the opposing team get possession of the ball. If any of these items would only happen under certain conditions, include the conditions.



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