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Goal Judges

From the APA Rule Book: Rule II, Part II, Section 1h, Goal Judges.
Goal Judges shall be appointed to give testimony to the Umpire (at his request) as to the goals scored or the crossing of the 11 yard line. In all cases The Umpire shall make the final decision. The Goal Judge shall, at all times, position themselves so that they have a clear view of both the goal posts and the goal scoring circle. The Goal Judge shall wave a flag or racquet above his/her head to indicate a goal has been scored and shall wave it below knee level to indicate a miss.


From the APA Rule Book: Rule II, Part II, Section 1i, Timekeepers and Scorers.
An Official Timekeeper and an Official Scorer will be appointed in all games and matches. They shall report the status of the game as regards numbers of goals scored and the amount of time left to play as requested by the Umpire.


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