8650. Marten VAN ALSTYNE was born about 1591 in Meppel, Drenthe, Netherlands. He was married to UNKNOWN about 1617.

8651. UNKNOWN. Children were:

child4325 i. Catalyntjie Martense VAN ALSTYNE.
child ii. Jan Martense de Wever VAN ALSTYNE was born about 1623 in Meppel, Drenthe, Netherlands. He emigrated in 1652 from from Holland. He died about 1698 in Kinderhook, NY. Returned to Mepel and then back to New Amsterdam in 1655 with his wife
and two sons Herman and Abraham. !OCCUPATION: Weaver, trader

!RESIDENCES: pre 1665: Meppel, Drenthe, Netherlands. Meppel is a city
on the Havelter 26 miles sw of Assen, the capital of Drenthe Province.
18 July 1655: New Amsterdam (New York) Apr. 1656: Wildwyck (Kingston)
NY Oct. 1656: Beverwyck (Albany) NY Apr. 1663: Esopus (Kingston) NY
pre 1671: Kinderhook, NY June 1697: Rensellaerswyck, NY

!BURIAL: Tradition states that Jan and his wife Derckien are buried
under the church at Kinderhook. _The Van Alstyne Lineage_ publ. 1937

!MILITARY:June 1684: Jan de Wever was a cadet of the second company at
Wildwyck, formed after the Esopus Indian Massacre.

!NAME: Prior to 1689 Jan used the patronymic Martense as his surname.
Martense or Martensen means 'son of a man named Marten'. His children
used the patronymic Jansen, or son/daughter of Jan. The surname Van
Alstyne may have derived from 'van' meaning 'from', 'stein' meaning
'castle', and 'adel'with a silent 'd' meaning 'ancestral ground'. A
second meaning of 'adel' is 'noble'. It is also possible that the 'Al'
part of the surname derived from 'aal' or 'ael' meaning 'eel'. In its
earliest form the surname takes the following variations: VAn Alsten,
Van Valsteyn, Van Aalstein, Van Aelstein, Van Alstyne.

!EMIGRATION: Jan emigrated to New Netherland in 1652 for West India
Trading Company. He returned to Meppel and then back to NY in 1655
with wife and two sons Herman and Abraham.
child iii. Jannatje VAN ALSTYNE was born about 1620 in Netherlands.

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