4324. Cornelis Maessen VAN BUREN (76) was born about 1615 in Buren, Burlmasen, Gelderland, the Netherlands. He died in 1648. "Catalynte, your direct ancestor, came to New Amsterdam 16 Aug. 1634
on the ship RENSSELAERSWYCK with her son Marten. Her hubby Cornelis
had previously come to Rensellaerswyck colony on the ship d'ENDRACHT
in July 1631 [with my Cornelise Antonissen VAN SLYKE] and after his 3
years of working for Killian van RENSSELAER where he signed the
contract as Cornelis Maessen van BUYRMALSEN, he returned to Neth. to
bring back his wife
Catalynte. His son Hendrick Cornelisz Maeesen was born on board
RENSSELAERSWYCK. Cornelis came from Gelderland province, from
Burmalsen near the town of Buren a few miles from the Rhine. Hence the
surname van Buyrmalsen/Burron/Buren. He and his family settled below
Greenbush at Papsknee. He and Catalynte his wife died and were buried
the same day on their farm at Papsknee in 1648. Their effects were
sold at auction in 1649. Tunissen Dircksen [van Vechten] and Cornelis
Teunissen [Bos] were appointed guardians of the children and the
estate. There were 5 children." He was married to Catalyntjie Martense VAN ALSTYNE about 1635 in Gelderland, the Netherlands.

4325. Catalyntjie Martense VAN ALSTYNE was born about 1618 in Holland. She emigrated on 16 Aug 1634 from on board "Rensselaerwyck", from Holland. She died in 1648. Children were:

child2162 i. Hendrick Cornelissen VAN BUREN.
child ii. Marten Cornelissen VAN BUREN was born about 1635. He was born about 1640. He died on 13 Nov 1703. !SOURCE: Most of the information on this family is from _The Van Buren
in _Lineal Ancestors of Rufus Rennington Young and Jane Vosburgh and
of Their
Descendants_ published in 1937
child iii. Maas Cornelissen VAN BUREN was born about 1643. He died on 27 Nov 1704.
child iv. Styntji (Christina) VAN BUREN was born about 1645. She died on 26 Nov 1729.
child v. Tobias Cornelissen VAN BUREN was born about 1647.

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